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  • Using the Data

    The information in Australian Popular Medievalism can be searched, exported and downloaded for further analysis.

    The following sample searches are available:

    All texts in this dataset

    Medievalist fantasy sorted by title

    Historical fiction sorted by title

    Romance fiction sorted by title

  • Medievalist texts in the collection were identified and rated by the interrogation:

    • Were the representations of the medieval direct (as they are in historical fiction) or indirect (as they are in, say, fantasy fiction)?
    • Was the penetration of medieval ideas (called 'importance' in the subset) high, medium, or low?

    For example, for representations, Sara Douglass's Battleaxe scored Indirect but had a High rating for penetration of medieval ideas, whereas Richard Harland's The Black Crusade had Direct references but a Low rating for penetration of medieval ideas.

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