Teaching with AustLit

  • Full Text on AustLit

    As of January 2017, AustLit contains more than 87,000 records with links to full-text resources.

    AustLit is, however, primarily a bibliographical database rather than a full-text database: all of our more than 885,000 work records include a comprehensive bibliographical record, but not all include the full text of the work.

    As a general rule, AustLit links to the following types of full-text works:

    • out-of-copyright works digitised by AustLit.
    • out-of-copyright works digitised by other organisations (including Trove).
    • in-copyright works published online on open-access sites.
    • in-copyright works available through Informit databases (note: requires an Informit subscription)

    Below, see

    • how to identify whether an AustLit record contains full text.
    • how to search specifically for full-text material.
    • pre-set full-text searches on specific topics.
  • Identifying Full Text

    An AustLit record that contains full text is identifiable in a number of ways.

    From a search results page, check for either a blue arrow or a yellow F:

  • Blue arrows indicate full-text works that are published elsewhere but accessible from the AustLit record: sources include public resources, such as Trove and Project Gutenberg, and scholarly databases, such as the Colonial Australian Popular Fiction archive.

    Yellow F icons indicate works that AustLit itself has digitised and made available. Large-scale full-text repositories digitised by AustLit include the Children's Digital Literature Resource and the Australian Speculative Fiction collection. AustLit continues to digitise content: 2016, for example, saw the inauguration of a project on Australian twentieth-century drama.

  • When looking at an individual AustLit record, look for a Read Online button in the top left-hand corner:

  • If a record does not have this link, the full text of the work is not available on AustLit.

  • Searching for Full Text

    You can limit your searches on AustLit to only return works with full text available, by using the Advanced Search page, available through the 'Search' tab. Tick the 'Full text available' box under 'Work' on the right-hand side of the page:

  • You can stack your searches to return full-text results on highly specific combinations. For example, the search below is set up to return records that contain the full text of novels by women writers born in Brisbane:

  • You can also limit your searches to specific AustLit research projects; for example, the search below is limited to full-text records from BlackWords:

  • Accessing Full Text Beyond AustLit

    If a work isn't available in full text on AustLit, it may be available through other resources to which you have access.

    For example:

    • most university libraries allow alumni membership of their library, which will give you access to databases, including scholarly resources.
    • the state and territory libraries and the National Library also subscribe to full-text databases, and membership is free to people with Australian addresses.