Teaching with AustLit

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  • For Tertiary Teachers

    AustLit is a primary resource for all tertiary teachers of Australian literature and creative writing. It contains all the information your students will need to research any literary or narrative text they may be studying alongside a large quantity of relevant full text.

    Contemporary criticism and reviews are recorded and access points to library holdings information are also provided.

    AustLit also covers film, television, and drama and is relevant for media and theatre studies.

    See The AustLit Anthology of Criticism and our Reading in AustLit page for access to full text.

    Explore the AustLit Research Pages for authoritative, research-led, insights into Australia's literary heritage through projects undertaken by scholars of Australian literary culture.

  • The Teaching Aust. Lit. Project

    The AustLit supported TAL project records information on the texts taught in Australian and international tertiary institutions. It is a useful resource to see how, and in what context, Australian texts are taught. Let us know about the texts you teach.

    'The growth of creative writing in the tertiary sector has contributed to transformative approaches to the study of Australian literature. Engaging with industry (authors, publishers) through guest lectures and writers’ festivals was a key priority for many tertiary teacher respondents.'

    See the Teaching Australian Literature Survey report for more background on what other teachers have done and how you can use AustLit's resources to enhance both your teaching and your students' learning.

  • Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL)

    AustLit is pleased to host the website for ASAL, the Association for the Study of Australian Literature. ASAL promotes the study, discussion and creation of Australian writing. It also seeks to increase awareness of Australian writing in the wider community and throughout the world. ASAL holds conferences and maintains a directory of postgraduate research on its website.

    Click here to access the ASAL website.

    Contact ASAL.

  • AustLit in Research Training

    AustLit welcomes research projects that extend AustLit's depth and coverage. It is possible to integrate AustLit into your research training. Please contact us if you would like your honours or postgraduate students to work collaboratively on a project.