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Writers of Tropical Queensland
Part of Writing the Tropical North
  • Writers of Tropical Queensland was a special research project that came into being in 2004 when James Cook University joined the AustLit partnership under the leadership of Associate Professor Cheryl Taylor. After thousands of rich records were added to AustLit by a team of dedicated researchers, JCU's involvement in AustLit ceased at the end of 2012.

    Writers of Tropical Queensland records information by and about authors who were born in, lived in, visited or wrote about Queensland north of the Tropic of Capricorn. It also includes information about journalists, columnists, editors, newspapers, periodicals and associated companies and individuals important to the cultural life of the region.

    As a part of the wider Writing the Tropical North project, which is designed to map the literature relating to the tropical zones across northern Australia, it contributes to AustLit's endeavour to represent that part of Australia with a unique culture defined by climate, its proximity to Asia, its particular history in Australia's story, and the rich and predominent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

    The team of researchers based at James Cook University in Townsville opened up the comparatively unexplored literature associated with the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia as areas of specific AustLit research focus. They discovered many features that in general distinguish the literature of the Australian tropics from works produced in more temperate southern zones.

    Read Cheryl Taylor's Introduction to Writers of Tropical Queensland.

    We are keen to receive additional information about the writers, publishers, and relevant cultural events arising from and in the Tropical North. Please contact us to contribute.

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