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  • Blackwords: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Creators

    As the work of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and First Nations’ publishers such as Magabala Books demonstrate in all they do, Australia benefits from what Professor Anita Heiss calls ‘culturally rich, socially relevant and visually beautiful children’s books authored and illustrated by BlackWords creators’:

    "These books explore aspects of Australian history and society not regularly covered in other areas of Australian children’s book publishing or in the education system. Complex issues about Aboriginal identity written by young Aboriginal authors, books that provide young readers with moral lessons, and stories that not only entertain and engage young readers but also carry the cultural role of documenting language, are increasingly highlighting the difference between Aboriginal and mainstream children’s books. This list is a starting place for conversations about these issues, about Aboriginal identity, relationship to country and culture, about language, voice, and being. These books belong in every primary school during story time."

    For further information, visit Aboriginal Children’s Literature, a BlackWords project coordinated by Professor Anita Heiss.

    Further information and links:

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      Aboriginal creators - Picture books

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      Aboriginal creators - Childrens books

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      Indigenous creators - Non-fiction

  • A note on scope of inclusion and availability of listed titles

    These lists aim to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible and they feature both new and older texts; therefore, not all of these titles are necessarily readily available to order or loan.

    If you wish to loan or purchase any of the titles, we recommend enquiring through your local or state library, supporting your local bookshop by placing an order online via their website or in-store, or searching via BookFinder

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