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2 y separately published work icon Warlord Jennifer Fallon , London : Orbit , 2008 Z1204707 2005 single work novel fantasy 'In Fallon's intricately plotted final novel in the Wolfblade trilogy (after Wolfblade and Warrior), Marla Wolfblade's wily offspring take top billing. Marla has taught her large brood the cutthroat tactics it takes to keep and wield power. Now that they have reached adulthood, Marla has loosened her grip like a falconer unleashing a bird for the kill. At 25 years old, Damin Wolfblade, who has always known he would one day be Warlord of Krakendar Province, is anxious to take up his position as Warlord and heir to the Throne of Hythria. First, however, he must repel an invasion force from Fardohnya that's three times the size of any force he can muster, and he must tackle the politically turbulent problem of keeping the Warlord positions of Hythria's provinces filled with Wolfblade allies'. Source: bookseller's website.
2 y separately published work icon Warrior Jennifer Fallon , London : Orbit , 2008 Z1174068 2005 single work novel fantasy 'Damin Wolfblade, heir to the High Throne of Hythria, learns "the Rules of Gaining and Wielding Power" from the dwarf Elezaar at the insistence of his powerful mother, Marla, High Prince Lernen's sister. The teenage Damin, along with his siblings, stepsiblings and various other young relatives, find themselves caught up in court intrigue and backstabbing schemes, not to mention an assassination plot or two. As Damin grows to manhood, he learns whom he should hold close, whom he should keep at a distance and just how much of his keen intelligence and political skills he needs to hide. Damin is indeed his mother's son'. Source: bookseller's website.
3 5 y separately published work icon Odalisque Fiona McIntosh , London : Orbit , 2007 Z1224673 2005 single work novel fantasy

'In Percheron an old Zar dies and Boaz, the 15-year-old son of Herezah, his Absolute Favourite, takes power. Ambitious and scheming, Herezah arranges for her son's rivals to be disposed of with the help of the loathsome Grand Master Salmeo, and oversees the assembly of a new harem. One of its number is Ana, who enters a world where she wants for nothing ... except her freedom. Ana's only friends are Lazar, the secretive and eligible Spur of Percheron, and a seemingly insane dwarf called Pez. Her attempt at escape after witnessing a disturbing eunuch ritual and undergoing her own brutal Test of Virtue sets in motion forces beyond anyone's control... Even more mysterious is the rising of Iridor heralding a new cycle in the war of faith led by the evil Maliz that will enmesh them all in a deadly battle between gods.'

Source: Publisher's website (Sighted 15/4/10)

2 1 y separately published work icon Wolfblade Jennifer Fallon , London : Orbit , 2007 Z1134828 2004 single work novel fantasy 'Though not yet 16, Lady Marla Wolfblade, sister to Lernen, the High Prince of Hythria, is a valuable piece in a vast political chess game. Marla's upcoming wedding to King Hablet of Fardohnya will give Lernen access to Hablet's armies, in case of attack from neighboring Medalon; they'll also come in handy to make the Warlords of Hythria toe the line and to withstand attacks from members of the Hythrian "Patriot" faction disgusted by Lernen's hedonistic lifestyle. Fortunately, Marla finds a helpful adviser in the clever dwarf Elezaar, whose former lord was assassinated by Patriots. With his help, Marla grows from a mere pawn to one of the most powerful women in Hythria'. Source: bookseller's website.
3 y separately published work icon Destiny Fiona McIntosh , London : Orbit , 2006 Z1010539 2002 single work novel fantasy

'The Paladin are reunited in the Heartwood and the Trinity is revealed at last. But what is the key to the secret which will unlock their power? Tor and Alyssa are surrounded by danger. Their old enemy, Goth, is still free to cause pain and suffering wherever he goes, whilst Alyssa′s nemesis, Xantia, returns to haunt her. Meanwhile, the god Orlac has installed himself on the throne of Cipres and turns his attention to hunting down Tor, determined to kill him and those he loves. The battle lines are drawn for the final confrontation between the two most powerful sentients ever to walk the Land.' (Source: LibrariesAustralia)

1 y separately published work icon Revenge Fiona McIntosh , London : Orbit , 2006 Z1010531 2002 single work novel fantasy 'Only the Trinity can stop the vengeful god Orlac from destroying the Land. Yet the Trinity itself remains a mystery. Saved from death by a powerful act of Spiriting, Torkyn Gynt completes his healing in the sanctuary of the Heartwood. But the remaining Paladin are succumbing to Orlac, and time is running out. Tor sends his spirit companion Yargo to find the three mysterious Stones of Ordolt whilst he sets out on a dangerous mission to track down his enemy, Goth. But Tor's falcon, Cloot, is captured by pirates and he himself falls victim to slave ships. In Tallinor, Alyssa believes her beloved Tor is dead and must find the strength to forgive the King who ordered his execution. Meanwhile, the Paladin gather around those they protect, unaware that a new terror is emerging to threaten the Trinity and the Land...' (Source: LibrariesAustralia)
4 y separately published work icon Betrayal Fiona McIntosh , London : Orbit , 2006 Z1010503 2001 single work novel fantasy 'Deep in the folklore of Tallinor lies a dark legend of betrayal and destruction. It is the story of a powerful sentient called Orlac who almost destroyed the entire land. Even now, many centuries later, any sentient who is discovered is subjected to the barbaric practice of bridling and branding. But in a village far from the royal city a young scribe, Torkyn Gynt, blazes with untold power and healing abilities which go undetected. Tor agrees to be apprenticed to the Royal Physic Merkhud and with that decision Tor takes the first step towards his destiny. Armed with only his wits and a pouch of mysterious stones given to him by his parents, Tor must trust in the falcon Cloot and in Lys, the mysterious dreamspeaker, to guide him on a journey that will test his courage and his heart.' (Source: LibrariesAustralia)
3 1 y separately published work icon Bridge of Souls Fiona McIntosh , London : Orbit , 2005 Z1165214 2004 single work novel fantasy War looms between Morgravia and Briavel, and the threat from the Mountain King grows stronger. Struggling against time and repulsed by his latest disguise, everything Wyl Thirsk has striven to prevent is happening - including the marriage of his beloved Queen Valentyna of Briavel to the reviled King Celimus. (Source: Libraries Australia)
3 1 y separately published work icon Blood and Memory Fiona McIntosh , London : Orbit , 2005 Z1132051 2004 single work novel fantasy 'Wyl Thirsk, trapped in the body of a hired assassin by a sorcerous spell, embarks on a desperate search for the Manwitch, the only hope of providing answers to his magical destiny, while his friends continue their struggle against the evil of King Celimus and Wyls beloved is threatened by a doomed political marriage.' (Source: Libraries Australia)
3 3 y separately published work icon Myrren's Gift Fiona McIntosh , London : Orbit , 2004 Z1090996 2003 single work novel fantasy 'General Wyl Thirsk, a favourite of the Morgravian sovereign, swears a blood oath to protect the king's son, Celimus, even though he despises him. The long-held acrimony between heir and champion is deepened when Celimus contrives for Wyl to witness the barbaric torture of a young woman called Myrren. Declared a witch because of her ill-matched eyes, only Thirsk takes pity on her suffering. In return for his kindness, she promises him a gift. At the second of her death Wyl's eyes become ill-matched for just a moment and only a blind Seer understands the truth of The Quickening which has arrived in Wyl's life. Years later Celimus is king and finally in a position to rid himself of the man he hates. Using the cruellest blackmail he despatches Wyl, together with the mysterious mercenary Romen Koreldy, into the enemy realm of Briavel. The duel which ensues between Wyl and Koreldy will claim one of them but not even a true believer of sorcery could forsee the dark secret of Myrren's Gift as it emerges to begin its journey of vengeance'. Source: publisher's website ( Sighted 15/2/11.