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1 1 y separately published work icon World's End Will Elliott , Pymble : Voyager , 2011 Z1815777 2011 single work novel fantasy

'The final battle has begun, but whose reality will prevail?

'Vous has ascended to godhood and Eric and Aziel return to the castle to defeat the Arch Mage. The dragons offer Eric and Aziel a throne and objects of great power, but what do they want in return?

'Meanwhile, at World′s End the new people have made contact. The haiyens say they have come to help, but it is possible that they have another agenda ...' (From the publisher's website.)

2 2 y separately published work icon Shadow Will Elliott , Pymble : HarperCollins Australia , 2011 Z1736297 2011 single work novel fantasy

'The Wall at World′s End has been destroyed and Levaal stands naked again before its twin world. The Arch Mage seeks to unseat Vous before he joins the gods, but loyalties are fractured, within the Castle and among the Free Cities, as war and chaos looms. And a dragon may have escaped its sky prison, while a new alien force is rising by the name of Shadow.

'When Eric Albright opened a door and entered Levaal he was truly a stranger in a strange land. Now the Pilgrim seeks answers, on the dragons, the gods, the demon being called Tormentors, and on the disturbing link between himself and the being known as Shadow ... between our world and Levaal ...' (From the publisher's website.)

4 2 y separately published work icon The Reluctant Mage Karen Miller , Pymble : Voyager , 2010 Z1704008 2010 single work novel fantasy

'The sorcerer has awoken and blights the land ... while the innocent mage hovers between life and death.

Rafel′s expedition over the mountains to Lost Dorana has disappeared. Now Deenie is having disturbing dreams of her brother and determines to seek the truth. In the company of her best friend she finds a way beyond Lur, only to find that the evil sorcerer, Morg, still holds those lands in a tenuous but strengthening grip.' (From the publisher's website.)

1 2 y separately published work icon The Infinity Gate Sara Douglass , Pymble : Voyager , 2010 Z1685861 2010 single work novel fantasy

'No one is safe when even the past can′t be trusted Elcho falling is under siege from the forces of infinity.

'Axis must deal with treachery while Maximilian confronts the One in the depths of the citadel. Maximilian seems to have the upper hand, but finds his oldest ally′s advice disguises a vicious motive.

'Meanwhile, everyone has forgotten the Skraelings, who conceal a strange, ancient secret. Now these wraiths face a choice that appears to be no choice at all: the way of Infinity, or allying themselves with the StarMan, whom they have loathed for generations.

'In a heart-stopping conclusion to this superb trilogy, Maximilian and his friends battle for survival from the malevolent depths of DarkGlass Mountain to the pinnacle of a crumbling Elcho Falling and beyond ... as the past reaches out to seize Axis and drag him into yet another confrontation with his hated brother, Borneheld.' (From the publisher's website.)

4 2 y separately published work icon The Prodigal Mage Karen Miller , Pymble : Voyager , 2009 Z1645853 2009 single work novel fantasy

'Years ago, at the cost of many lives, 
Asher defeated the dark sorcerer, Morg, 
and brought peace to Lur ...

But now, happily raising a family, Asher realises that peace and safety are an illusion. Something has woken in Lur′s earth, creating weather that threatens to tear their world apart. Asher thinks he can save Lur by wielding the dangerous magic that he loathes ... and which may take his life.

Rafel, Asher′s son, is a mage of great power, but he has to break free of his father to truly discover his talents. All previous expeditions over the forbidden mountains have met with disaster and death, but Rafel is determined to try. As father and son struggle to understand each other, elsewhere a great evil is brewing ...' (Publisher's blurb)

1 1 y separately published work icon The Way of Purity Bevan McGuiness , Pymble : Voyager , 2008 Z1515977 2008 single work novel fantasy 'With the Danan unleashed and Shanek’s humanity all but destroyed, the human world stands on the brink of destruction, unaware of its peril. 'The Skrin Tia’k are breeding and sending forth their warriors while those who ply the waters are divided against themselves. Cherise is heading to Eysteinn to complete his mission for the Thane, but the slave Jayotsana can feel a new and unexpected power—a power that the Assassin plans to use to his own ends. 'The power of the Triumvirate is loosed on the world and the ancient warrior code of the Way of Purity might hold the key—if anyone can unlock its mysteries in time'. Source: publisher's website ( Sighted 21/2/11.
1 3 y separately published work icon The Twisted Citadel Sara Douglass , Pymble : Voyager , 2008 Z1488296 2008 single work novel fantasy 'The land of Ashdod has a mysterious past, and a mysterious structure in the heart of the land ... Darkglass Mountain, an ancient pyramid. The Icarii Talon, StarDrifter SunSoar, wonders if Darkglass Mountain could be a StarGate, a source of Icarii power. Meanwhile, his son, Axis, is helping to lead the military might of Isembaard while its tyrant, Isaiah, is on his own lonely journey. Maximilian the king of Escator, and his estranged wife, Ishbel, ride alongside Axis ... both of them obsessed with the impregnable citadel of Serpent's Nest. Also riding with Axis are the Lealfast, a peculiar race of Icarii from the frozen north. They are related in some way to the Skraelings, those terrifying creatures who can very, very quickly overrun a land and its people. But to whom do these Lealfast give their loyalty ...' (Publisher's blurb)
1 2 y separately published work icon The First Weapon Bevan McGuiness , Pymble : Voyager , 2008 Z1452575 2008 single work novel fantasy

'A land of mystery ... a corrupt society ... rare gifts which have been ignored and forgotten ..

'Hwenfayre has discovered the extraordinary powers of the driftwood harp left to her by a stranger - her father. But unless she learns self-control and discipline, the powers of the harp will continue to consume her.

'The First Son, Shanek, hunts down the ancient enemy of the Empire. But he is lost to his people, and as his power grows he is taken further and further from the world he knows - and from the person he once was.

'On Tanissan, a man with many names is scheming for the downfall of the Triumvirate and the world it protects ... and a boy who has never met his father discovers his true inheritance.

'And Aldere continues a journey that will have greater consequences than he could ever imagine ...' (Publisher's blurb, back cover)

1 2 y separately published work icon Goddess Fiona McIntosh , Pymble : Voyager , 2007 Z1435057 2007 single work novel fantasy

'In Percheron, Zar Boaz is preparing for the imminent arrival of the Galinsean fleet and it seems inevitable that the realm will be plunged into war. His only hope is to use Lazar as a bargaining chip but it is likely that the Galinseans are past diplomacy. Despite the necessity for him to be in the city for the negotiations, the Spur is determined to travel back to the desert to rescue the abducted Zaradine Ana and bring her home.

'However, finding Ana will not be a simple task. She is being held by the despotic Arafanz and his fanatical followers and as it slowly becomes clear what the presumed madman plans for Percheron, Ana does not know if she is to survive ... and if she is, to what end?

'In the meantime a much larger doom hovers over Percheron that no-one but Pez and his nemesis, the charismatic Grand Vizier Tariq understand. The chaos between the neighbouring realms could become irrelevant when the final confrontation for the region's faith is played out.' (Publisher's blurb)

1 7 y separately published work icon The Whisper of Leaves Karen Simpson Nikakis , Crows Nest : Arena , 2007 Z1398252 2007 single work novel fantasy

'Can healing defeat the sword?

'In seasons long past, twin gold-eyed princes sundered a kingdom. Rejecting his twin brother's warrior ways, Kasheron established a community deep in the southern forests.

'Forgotten by the outside world and protected by the trackless trees of Allogrenia, Kasheron's Tremen community has flourished, with his legacy of peace and healing upheld generations on.

'But now the forest has been breached by hostile intruders ...

'Fighting and bloodshed follow, testing even the skills of Kira, the greatest of all Tremen Healers. As well as sharing Kasheron's gift for healing, Kira has inherited his golden eyes and inspirational qualities - she, too, is seen as a leader amongst her people.

'As the attacks upon the Tremen become more violent, Kira is faced with a terrible dilemma. Should she stay and risk the annihilation of her community, or set out on a perilous journey north to seek aid from their long-lost warrior kin?' (Publisher's blurb)

1 3 y separately published work icon The Awakening Bevan McGuiness , Pymble : Voyager , 2007 Z1395782 2007 single work novel fantasy

'An eons-long battle has been taking place between the two sentient species of the world of the soldier, Shanek, and the outcast Hwenfayre. Instrumental in the fighting, and key to the victory of humanity, were three powerful sorcerers. When they departed, they left their powers behind to watch over the human world ...

'Now the enemy is reawakening, but the sorcerous powers have not only fallen into disuse, they have been forgotten ... the three who hold these powers at this time are quite unaware of their latent abilities, and of their significance.' (Publisher's blurb)

1 4 y separately published work icon The Serpent Bride Sara Douglass , Sydney : Voyager , 2007 Z1381084 2007 single work novel fantasy 'The land of Tencendor is no more. But not everyone is dead. Many Icarii survive in the courts abroad, while StarDrifter SunSoar, father to Axis, lives within the corrupt Palace of the First in Coroleas. Not even the Star Dance is as dead as the Icarii Enchanters had believed, for a strange race living in the frozen northern wastes can still hear, and use, the music of the heavens. 'Other ghosts from the past wait in the shadows. The Skraelings once again gather in the north. Far across the Widowmaker Sea a pyramid broods and plots revenge on those who had once thought to destroy it. To the east, at the edge of the world, an ancient serpent god uncoils, sending an unwilling woman to be the bride of the enigmatic Lord of Elcho Falling. 'As men, Icarii, ice wraiths and ancient gods gather for war, a legend rises from the dead—Axis SunSoar, come to regain his heritage and the Star Dance, and to battle new dangers across a vast, mysterious land'. Source: publisher's website (
1 3 y separately published work icon Emissary Fiona McIntosh , Pymble : Voyager , 2006 Z1325156 2006 single work novel fantasy

'Odalisque Ana is resigned to life in Percheron's famed harem and has little more than a blood-soaked veil to remind her that Spur Lazar, the man she loves, is dead. She is closely watched by the scheming Grand Master Eunuch, Salmeo, and the cunning and cruel Valide Herezah. The Valide, unhappy at Ana's influence over the young Zar, contrives a shrewd plan to bring about the beautiful young woman's demise. But greater forces are at work. The demon Maliz has taken the guise of Percheron's Grand Vizier in order to stalk Iridor, the traditional accomplice of the Goddess. And a war is brewing. A long-time enemy, Galinsea, intends to exact a vicious blood price for the death of its crown prince, Lucien, at the hands of the Percherese. However, the only person in the Stone Palace who can undertake the dangerous journey to Galinsea and negotiate for peace is about to die.'

Source: Back cover (HarperCollins 2006)

1 y separately published work icon The Devoured Earth Sean Williams , Pymble : Voyager , 2006 Z1309586 2006 single work novel fantasy In a glacial lake at the top of the world, salvation and destruction await. Haunted by a ghost from the future, Shilly and her man'kin allies are drawn into the snowbound mountains on a mission to save the world. Yod, trapped by the Castillo twins in the Void Beneath, may finally be breaking free. Hard on Shilly's heels are Sal and his father, and an uneasy alliance of Sky Wardens, Panic and foresters. The stakes are high as ancient forces struggle for ascendancy, including the strange and alien glast, and a dragon with its own agenda. If the Goddess rises from her Tomb, the fate of the Ice Eaters will be sealed and they will kill anyone who tries to get in their way. (Backcover)
1 2 y separately published work icon The Hanging Mountains Sean Williams , Pymble : Voyager , 2005 Z1228911 2005 single work novel fantasy Ancient enemies stalk ghostly fog forests as legends come to life ...The Divide is flooded. Habryn Kail and the Homunculus are missing, presumed dead. Sal and his companions seek the source of the flood in the legendary Hanging Mountains, hoping to head off a crisis that was put in motion a thousand years ago. As conflict erupts between two long-forgotten civilisations, the outsiders find allies are hard to come by. Taken captive and separated, they uncover uncomfortable truths about the world and how it relates to the one that came before - our world. Something dark and deadly is stirring in the heart of the mountains. And the closer it comes to waking, the more certain it seems the Homunculus may not have been the enemy at all ... (Publisher's blurb.)
3 5 y separately published work icon Odalisque Fiona McIntosh , Pymble : Voyager , 2005 Z1224673 2005 single work novel fantasy

'In Percheron an old Zar dies and Boaz, the 15-year-old son of Herezah, his Absolute Favourite, takes power. Ambitious and scheming, Herezah arranges for her son's rivals to be disposed of with the help of the loathsome Grand Master Salmeo, and oversees the assembly of a new harem. One of its number is Ana, who enters a world where she wants for nothing ... except her freedom. Ana's only friends are Lazar, the secretive and eligible Spur of Percheron, and a seemingly insane dwarf called Pez. Her attempt at escape after witnessing a disturbing eunuch ritual and undergoing her own brutal Test of Virtue sets in motion forces beyond anyone's control... Even more mysterious is the rising of Iridor heralding a new cycle in the war of faith led by the evil Maliz that will enmesh them all in a deadly battle between gods.'

Source: Publisher's website (Sighted 15/4/10)

1 1 y separately published work icon The Blood Debt Sean Williams , Pymble : Voyager , 2005 Z1182420 2005 single work novel fantasy crime

'In a remote city on the edge of two worlds, where blood has power and water is more precious than freedom, three far-flung friends unite on a quest to save their families. Sal Hrvati’s estranged father has brought more into the world than the woman he loved. Instead of saving her from the Void Beneath, he has summoned an unknown creature — a creature with a mission of its own and a past that stretches back to the beginning of the world. The quest to find both of them entangles Sal and his companions in a hunt for magical treasure on the floor of the Divide, a mighty crack in the earth inhabited by creatures that are not remotely human. Desert landscapes and dirigibles feature in a fast-paced fantasy that combines romance, adventure, and humor with an original take on magic.

'The Books of the Cataclysm take inspiration from many arcane and mythological sources. In positing that this world is just one of many "realms," three of which are inhabited by humans during various stages of their lives, it begins in the present world but soon propels the reader to a landscape that is simultaneously familiar and fantastic.' (Publication summary)

2 y separately published work icon The Tainted Glenda Larke , Pymble : Voyager , 2004 Z1159437 2004 single work novel fantasy

'An epic fantasy of politics and magic, history and truth. The Isles of Glory, caught in a maelstrom, will never be the same again. In this final book of the trilogy, the islandoms of the archipelago are torn apart by change as the Keepers, under the ambitious Syr-sylv Duthrick, and the Menod, led by a conflicted Syr-Aware Ryder, battle for political ascendancy over the Isles. The alien ghemphic race are forced to take sides, ending generations of neutrality, while the social structure of citizenship collapses and the Dustel birds battle their disabilities to live in a human world. Against the backdrop of upheaval, Blaze Halfbreed struggles to rescue Flame from the terrible legacy Morthred has left behind and Kelwyn Gilfeather commits himself to the destruction of magic. And 50 years into the future, Anyara Treron sails with a Kellish fleet, seeking her own destiny and validation in the Isles of Glory.'

Source: Publisher's website (Sighted 19/4/10)

2 2 y separately published work icon The Crooked Letter Sean Williams , Pymble : Voyager , 2004 Z1137359 2004 single work novel crime fantasy

'When mirror twins Seth and Hadrian Castillo travel to Europe on holidays, they don’t expect the end of the world to follow them. Seth’s murder, however, puts exactly that into motion.

'From opposite sides of death, the Castillo twins grapple with a reality neither of them suspected, although it has been encoded in myths and legends for millennia. The Earth we know is just one of many "realms", three of which are inhabited by humans during various stages of their lives. And their afterlives...'

Source: Publisher's blurb.

6 9 y separately published work icon Battleaxe Sara Douglass , Pymble : HarperCollins Australia , 2003 Z160666 1995 single work novel fantasy A thousand years ago the Acharites drove the Forbidden from their land. Now strange sightings along Achar's northern border foreshadow their return. The barbaric tribes of the Ravensbund are pouring south with tales of fearsome beings who feed on the terror of their prey. Axis, bastard son of the dead Princess Rivkah, is sent to the battlefront of Gorkenfort with his elite Axe-Wielders. Once there, he must hand over command to his hated half-brother, Borneheld. But travelling north, Axis falls in love with Faraday - Borneheld's bethrothed, and meets two priests who challenge the very essence of his beliefs. The Sentinels walk the land, the TreeFriend has been found, and the people of the Plough, the Wing and the Horn must set aside their differences and unite under one leader against the evil rising in the North.... (Publisher's website)