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Issue Details: First known date: 2013... 2013 Jack Rogan Mysteries
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y separately published work icon The Forgotten Painting Gabriel Farago , Sydney : Bear and King , 2020 23892491 2020 single work novella historical fiction

'When celebrated author Jack Rogan stumbles upon a hidden diary, he can't resist investigating. Honouring the last wish of a dying friend, he is irresistibly drawn into a web of intriguing clues, hinting at a long forgotten treasure. Joining forces with Cecilia Crawford, a glamorous New York journalist, and Tristan, a remarkable boy with psychic powers, Jack soon finds himself on a precarious journey of discovery, exposing dark secrets from a distant, violent time, when life was cheap and cruelty ruled without mercy. Will Rogan succeed? Can he find the forgotten treasure he has been searching for, or will it be lost forever, depriving the world of a masterpiece that belongs to all mankind?' (Publication summary)

y separately published work icon Murder on the Ghan : A Murder Mystery Gabriel Farago , Australia : Gabriel Farago , 2023 27492447 2023 single work novel mystery

'A cursed opal; an iconic Australian rail journey; one fatal adventure

'Beneath the scorching sun of the Australian Outback lies a cursed opal, a gem shrouded in mystery and misfortune. This is the heart of Murder on the Ghan, a riveting murder mystery that weaves a tale of passion, danger, and unrelenting suspense.

'After a fateful meeting in Sydney, Jack Rogan, a charismatic journalist and renowned author, finds his world entangled with that of Sophie Ritter, a virtuoso conductor. Captivated by her, Rogan vows to show Ritter the rugged beauty of Outback Australia. But their journey spirals into peril when they agree to help Andrew Simpson, an old Aboriginal friend, investigate an opal discovery in a Coober Pedy mine.

'Their quest plunges them into the treacherous realm of the Desert Raiders, a notorious outlaw bikie gang in Alice Springs. Led by a merciless leader and his brutal henchman, this gang will go to any lengths to claim the opal for themselves.

'As Rogan and Ritter embark on the famous Ghan rail journey, their trip transforms into a harrowing ordeal of violence, fear, and murder. Here, the haunting tales of Aboriginal Dreamtime clash with the malevolent greed for the cursed opal. With each twist and turn, they are drawn deeper into a labyrinth of danger, racing against time to reach Ritter's next concert.

'In Murder on the Ghan stakes are high, and time is running out. Will Rogan and his allies outwit their ruthless foes? Can they ensure the opal reaches its rightful destination? Will Ritter grace the stage once more, or will the desert's deadly secrets claim them all?

'Dive into the heart of Australia's dark mysteries. Grab your copy of Murder on the Ghan now and embark on an unforgettable journey where destiny, dreams, and danger collide!'(Publication summary)

y separately published work icon The Postmaster of Treblinka Gabriel Farago , Sydney : Bear and King , 2022 27492502 2022 single work novel mystery

'A desperate letter. A dark family secret. A hidden past.

'When a rabbi in Prague throws celebrated author and Australian journalist Jack Rogan a challenge, he is irresistibly drawn into a baffling mystery and begins to investigate.
Joining forces with Tristan, a remarkable young man with psychic powers, Rogan embarks on a journey of discovery that takes him into hidden corners of a violent past where unspeakable atrocities cost the lives of thousands.

'Following hidden clues that point to a dark family secret reaching to the very top of the Catholic Church, Jack follows the trail of a lost letter dispatched from a Nazi concentration camp to tell the world what had happened.

'Can Jack solve the mystery and deliver the letter before the voices crying out of the mass graves are silenced forever, or will it be lost, depriving humanity of a warning it cannot afford to ignore?' (Publication summary)

y separately published work icon The Kimberley Secret Gabriel Farago , Sydney : Bear and King , 2018 27492780 2018 single work novel mystery

'When celebrated war correspondent Jack Rogan receives a phone call during a bloody battle in Afghanistan, he knows something is wrong; his father is dying. With his last breath, Rogan’s father makes a disturbing revelation that rocks his son to the core and leaves him pondering who he really is and where he came from.

'With his world turned upside down, Rogan soon finds himself irresistibly drawn into a desperate search to find his true identity and turns to an old friend for help. On a dangerous journey of discovery that takes him around the globe and the remote wilderness of outback Australia, Rogan follows clues hidden in unexpected places to uncover the truth.

'Will Rogan succeed? Will the truth – if and when he finally finds it – crush him, or will lifting the curtain of uncertainty and doubt be liberating, and finally bring peace by showing him who he really is?'(Publication summary)

y separately published work icon The Empress Holds the Key Gabriel Farago , Hazelbrook : MoshPit Publishing , 2013 6767783 2013 single work novel adventure

'Journalist Jack Rogan knows a great story when he finds one. A charred old photograph found in the ruins of a cottage hints at dark secrets and unwittingly reignites an ancient and deadly quest for a holy relic mysteriously erased from the pages of history.

'Police officer Jana Gonski in pursuit of a suspected Nazi war criminal joins forces with Rogan, barrister and amateur archaeologist Marcus Carrington QC, and celebrated composer Benjamin Krakowski. Together they uncover a murky web of intrigue and greed, hoards of Nazi gold and hidden Swiss bank accounts. All implicate wealthy banker Sir Eric Newman. When Newman goes on trial, unexpected clues are discovered pointing the way to a mystery that has haunted the Catholic Church for centuries.

'On a dangerous journey to find the relic, Rogan and his companions trace links back as far as the reign of Akhenaten, the heretic pharaoh of ancient Egypt, and King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. What is this dark secret guarded by the Knights Templar, and so feared by the Vatican? Will religious fanatics foil this quest which could destroy the very foundations of their Church and challenge Christianity itself?' (Publisher's blurb)

y separately published work icon The Disappearance of Anna Popov Gabriel Farago , Hazelbrook : MoshPit Publishing , 2014 8378140 2014 single work novel crime

'Celebrated author and journalist Jack Rogan cannot resist a challenge. When he stumbles across a mysterious clue pointing to the tragic disappearance of two girls from Alice Springs, Rogan decides to investigate. Joining forces with Rebecca Armstrong, his New York literary agent, Andrew Simpson, a retired Aboriginal police officer and Cassandra, an enigmatic psychic, Rogan soon enters the alien upside-down-world of an outlaw bikie gang ruled by an evil master where outcasts of society are the heroes, and cruelty and violence admired and rewarded. Irresistibly drawn into a web of superstition and fear, Rogan and his friends soon pass the point of no return, and follow the trail of the missing girls into the remote Dreamtime-wilderness of outback Australia. Unbeknown to the others, Cassandra has a secret agenda of her own. Using her occult powers to avenge a terrible wrong, she sets the scene for an epic showdown where the stakes are high and the looser faces death and oblivion. Will Rogan succeed, or will the forces of evil crush the hopes and dreams of a desperate mother praying for the return of her lost daughter?' (Publication summary)

y separately published work icon The Hidden Genes of Professor K Gabriel Farago , Australia : Bear and King , 2016 17955820 2016 single work novel crime

'Professor K-- world-renowned scientist--knows he's close to a ground-breaking discovery. He also knows he's dying. With his last breath he anoints Dr Alexandra Delacroix as his successor and pleads with her to carry on his work. Unwittingly, Delacroix enters a dangerous world of unbridled ambition and greed that threatens to destroy her. Desperate and alone, she turns to Jack Rogan--celebrated author and journalist--for help.Alistair Macbeth--self-made billionaire and enigmatic founder of Blackburn Pharmaceuticals--has a murky past. He knows he must secure Professor K's discovery for his empire, or perish. Powerful and ruthless, he will stop at nothing to achieve his dark and deep desires.Meanwhile, when the parents of famous rock star, Isis, are brutally murdered, Jack Rogan is asked to investigate.On a perilous journey of discovery which takes them around the globe, Jack and Lola Rodriguez--Isis' resourceful PA--join forces with Jana Gonski, a former police officer; Dr Bettany Rosen, a tireless campaigner for the destitute and forgotten; and Tristan, a gifted boy with psychic powers. Together, they expose a complex web of fiercely guarded secrets and heinous crimes of the past that can ruin them all and change history.Will Rogan succeed? Will the dreams of a visionary scientist with the power to change the future of medicine fall into the wrong hands, or will his genius benefit mankind and prevent untold misery and suffering for generations to come?' (Publication summary) 

y separately published work icon Professor K : The Final Quest Gabriel Farago , Australia : Bear and King , 2018 17955988 2018 single work novel crime

'A desperate plea from the Vatican. A kidnapped chef. An ambitious mob boss. One perilous game.

'When Professor Alexandra Delacroix is called in to find a cure for the dying pope, she follows clues left by her mentor and friend, the late Professor K, which lead her on a breathtaking search through historical secrets, some of them deadly.

'Her old friend Jack Rogan must step in to assist while also searching for kidnapped Top Chef Europe winner Lorenza da Baggio.

'He joins forces with his young friend and gifted psychic, Tristan, a dedicated mafia hunting prosecutor, a fearless young police officer, and an enigmatic Egyptian detective on a perilous hunt for a notorious IS terrorist.

'Together, they stand off with the head of a powerful Mafia family in Florence and uncover a network of corruption and heinous crimes reaching to the very top.

'Will Rogan and his friends succeed in finding Lorenza and curing the pope, or will the dark forces swirling around them prevail in their sinister plots?' (Publication summary)

y separately published work icon The Curious Case of the Missing Head Gabriel Farago , Sydney : Bear and King , 2019 27492837 2019 single work novel mystery

'Esteemed Australian journalist Jack Rogan is on a mission to solve the disappearance of his mother in the 70s. But when a friend needs help rescuing a kidnapped world-renowned astrophysicist, he doesn’t hesitate. Struggling with more questions than answers, his investigation leads them aboard a hellish hospital ship, where instead of finding the kidnap victim, he’s confronted with a decapitated corpse.

'As the search intensifies, Jack bumps up against diabolical cartels with hidden agendas. And when his research reveals dubious experiments, a criminal on death row, and a shocking revelation about his mother’s fate, he must uncover how it’s all linked.

'Can Jack unravel the twisted connections and catch the scientist’s killer, or will the next obituary published be his own?

'The Curious Case of the Missing Head is the fifth standalone novel in the page-turning Jack Rogan Mysteries series. If you like meticulous theoretical science, exponentially increasing intensity, and astonishing surprises, then you’ll love Gabriel Farago’s hair-raising medical thriller.' (Publication summary)

y separately published work icon The Lost Symphony Gabriel Farago , Bear and King , 2020 23899655 2020 single work novel crime

'A murdered tsarina. A lost musical masterpiece. A stolen Russian icon. Can Jack honour a promise made a long time ago, and solve an age-old mystery?

'When acclaimed Australian journalist and author Jack Rogan inherits an old music box with a curious letter hidden inside, he decides to investigate. As he delves deeper into a murky past of secrets and violence, he soon discovers that he's not the only one interested in solving the puzzle.

'Frieda Malenkova, a ruthless art dealer, and Victor Sokolov, a Russian billionaire with a dark past, will stop at nothing to achieve their deep desires and foil Jack's valiant struggle to uncover the truth.

'Joining forces with Mademoiselle Darrieux, a flamboyant Paris socialite, and Claude Dupree, a retired French police officer, Jack enters a dangerous world of unbridled ambition, murder and greed that threatens to destroy him.

'On a perilous journey that takes him deep into Russia, Jack follows a tortuous path of discovery, disappointment and betrayal that brings him face to face with his destiny.

'Will Jack unravel the hidden clues left behind by a desperate empress? Can he save the precious legacy of a genius before it's too late, and return a holy icon revered by generations to where it belongs?

'The Lost Symphony is the sixth standalone novel in the page-turning Jack Rogan Mysteries series.

'If you enjoy historical mysteries based on meticulous research, fascinating characters, and edge-of-your seat excitement, then you'll love Gabriel Farago's latest action-thriller.' (Publication summary)

y separately published work icon The Death Mask Murders Gabriel Farago , Sydney : Bear and King , 2021 27492581 2021 single work novel mystery

'Seven brutal murders. A cursed Inca burial mask. A lost treasure. One deadly game.

'When convicted killer Maurice Landru reaches out from a Paris prison and asks for help to prove his innocence, celebrated author Jack Rogan cannot resist. Drawn into a web of hidden clues pointing to an ancient mystery, Jack decides to investigate.

'Joining forces with Francesca Bartolli, a glamorous criminal profiler, Mademoiselle Darrieux, an eccentric Paris socialite, and Claude Dupree, a retired French police officer, Jack enters a dangerous world of depraved cyber-gambling where the stakes are high, and the players will stop at nothing to satisfy their dark desires.

'Following his ‘breadcrumbs of destiny’, Jack soon comes up against an evil genius who terminates his enemies without mercy and is prepared to risk all to win.

'On a perilous journey littered with violence and death, Jack uncovers dark secrets of a murky past of ruthless conquistadors, bloodthirsty pirates and shipwrecked priests, all pointing to a fabulous Inca treasure, waiting to be discovered.

'Can Jack expose the mastermind behind the horrific murders and retrieve the legendary burial mask before it falls into the wrong hands, or will the forces of darkness overwhelm him and destroy everything he believes in?'(Publication summary)

y separately published work icon The Stolen Altarpiece Gabriel Farago , Sydney : Bear and King , 2023 27492911 2023 single work novel mystery

'A long-forgotten amulet. A stolen painting. A dark threat reignited. One deadly geopolitical power-play.

'In The Stolen Altarpiece, a mesmerizing historical crime mystery adventure, journalist Jack Rogan finds himself ensnared in a web of ancient secrets and modern perils when he discovers a cryptic letter from the past. This letter sets him on a treacherous quest for a fabled holy relic, believed to possess the incredible power to vanquish evil.

'Rogan's journey, rich in suspense and intrigue, leads him into the enigmatic realms of the Middle East. Here, amidst the echoes of ancient civilizations, he confronts a vindictive old adversary, a shadow from his past determined to bring ruin to Rogan and those he cherishes. The plot thickens as Rogan uncovers hidden messages in a famous stolen painting, revealing a dire conspiracy that stretches to the heart of Russia and threatens to ignite war in Ukraine.

'In this high-stakes geopolitical chess game, Rogan is not alone. He forms an alliance with Tristan, a gifted psychic whose visions are key to deciphering the mystery; Abbot Serapion, a Russian monk guardian of forgotten truths; and Sasha, the intrepid daughter of a Russian billionaire. Together, they face a deranged and corrupt antagonist, a man driven by insatiable ambition and a lust for power, whose delusions of grandeur pose a dire threat to the freedom of a nation.

The Stolen Altarpiece is a captivating blend of historical depth, thrilling adventure, and intricate mystery. Will Rogan and his team outmaneuver the dark forces arrayed against them? Can they turn the tide of history and prevent the horrors of war, standing as a beacon of hope against tyranny?

'Step into a world where every page holds a secret and every chapter leads to a new twist. Order your copy of The Stolen Altarpiece now, and embark on an unforgettable journey where the past and present collide in a fight for the future. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you.

'THE STOLEN ALTARPIECE is the eighth standalone historical mystery thriller in the page-turning Jack Rogan Mysteries Series.'(Publication summary)

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