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    Under construction in 2019

    Welcome to ChinaGate, AustLit's portal to Chinese writing in and about Australia. ChinaGate is proudly supported by the Foundation for Australian Studies in China (FASIC) and the Australia China Council, through a 2018 Australian Studies in China Program (ASP) grant.

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    If you're a China-based scholar or student of Australian studies, please consider contacting us about uses of AustLit in your work.

  • Project Participants

    Name Role
    Dr Chen Beibei Project co-ordinator and researcher
    Associate Professor Fang Hong Advisory Committee (Soochow University)
    Professor Zhan Chunjuan Advisory Committee (Anhui University)
    Professor Wang Labao Advisory Committee (Soochow University / University of Western Sydney)
    Li Jianjun Advisory Committee (Beijing Foreign Studies University)
    Professor David Carter Advisory Committee (The University of Queensland)
    Kerry Kilner Director, AustLit
    Dr Catriona Mills AustLit
    Amy Cross AustLit

  • Partners

  • Foundation for Australian Studies in China (FASIC):

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