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  • Senior Secondary Curriculum - Learning Area English

  • AC - Senior Secondary Curriculum

    This section provides support and resources for Senior Secondary Learning Area: English, which contains four subjects:

    • English - English retains a balance of each strand whereas Literature has its primary focus on engagement with and analysis of literary texts. Sample texts list.

    • English as an Additional Language or Dialect - While students encounter, respond to, analyse and create a wide range of literary texts in EAL/D, the focus of the units is on language learning and the development of oral language and literacy skills in SAE. Sample texts list.

    • Essential English - In Essential English, although literary texts remain an important component of the subject, the primary focus is on the development and demonstration of literacy and language skills in everyday, social and community contexts. Sample texts list.

    • Literature - Literature has as its primary focus, engagement with and analysis of literary texts. Sample texts list.

    The Australian Curriculum defines texts as literary, 'fiction and non-fiction, media texts, everyday texts, and workplace texts, [...] that provide important opportunities for learning about aspects of human experience and about aesthetic appeal. Texts can be written, spoken, multimodal, and in print or digital/online.'

    Each subject is offered a 'sample text list', which aims to 'stimulate thinking about teaching resources in relation to the curriculum'. These lists are not meant to be prescriptive.

    AustLit aims to provide support for these 'sample text lists'.

  • How it Works

    AustLit for Schools identifies sample text lists for the four English subjects and:

    • locates critical materials about these texts including (where possible) reviews, essays and free web-based teaching resources

    • provides support materials within AustLit

    • suggests alternative/complementary/comparative Australian texts

    Below are a set of links to sample texts based on type. We also identify which subject that text is suggested for.

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