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Literature (H)as Power: Interviews with Six Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Authors

(Status : Public)
  • Introduction by Estelle Castro-Koshy

  • Photo by Paul Neil; provided by the author.

    These interviews were conducted during the course of my PhD (2007, The University of Queensland/Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3). As they constitute national heritage and are invaluable resources to scholars and teachers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature, as well as anyone interested in Australian, Indigenous, or Oceanian history, culture, and contemporary politics, my hope was to see them published online. I am therefore extremely grateful to AustLit, with which I have had a long association, for making it possible. 15 years of teaching and research across four countries – including Australia – have enabled me to see that AustLit is indispensable to the international community. AustLit and BlackWords have also been essential for my own research. 

    Estelle Castro-Koshy

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