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  • Doris Hayball (1909-1973)

    The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature (1985) recorded Doris Hayball's date of death as 1948. Based on this information and the fact that other reference works, including AustLit, perpetuated this error, the University of New England Fisher Library digitised the play, 'Out of a Clear Sky' (1935). We are currently seeking the copyright owners of Doris Hayball's works. Research continues in order to determine whether more plays may be digitised. 

    Please contact us if you can help.

  • A Melbourne writer, Doris Hayball wrote several plays as well as recollections of her extensive travels.

    Ada Doris Hayball is recorded in the Oxford Companion to Australian Literature with a death date of 1948. However, subsequent research has shown that she died in 1973. Research into her life and work is continuing.

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      Out of a Clear Sky

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    Out of a Clear Sky

    Dry season in central Tasmania. Photograph by SirDublin. Published under CC BY-SA 4.0. Via Wikimedia Commons.