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y Border Security Bruce Dawe , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2016 9635325 2016 selected work poetry Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2016
y Melbourne Journal : Notebooks 1998-2003 Alan Loney , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2016 9635511 2016 selected work poetry

'Melbourne Journal: Notebooks 1998-2003 is the third instalment in Alan Loney’s notebooks, covering the period in between his previous publications (Sidetracks: Notebooks 1976-1991 and Crankhandle: Notebooks June 2010–November 2013).

'Allowing observations and ideas to fall on to the page half formed, poems to shimmer into and out of existence like apparitions, Alan Loney’s Melbourne Journal celebrates the reflexive muscle of the poet’s mind, heightened by the stimuli of a new place: Melbourne.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2016
y Star Struck David McCooey , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2016 9635629 2016 selected work poetry

'With poems ranging from the confessional to the mock-autobiographical, from imagism to a strange storytelling, from the comic and satirical to the plangent and disturbing, Star Struck startles us with the many faces of lyric poetry.

'This book of poems by the award-winning poet David McCooey is made up of four sections. The first documents an alienating encounter with a life-threatening illness. The second plays out an unforgettable obsession with darkness and light. The third brings together popular music and the ancient literary mode of the pastoral. In this highly original sequence we find, among other things, Bob Dylan singing Virgil, Joni Mitchell reflecting on life in Laurel Canyon, a lab monkey pondering the sound of music, and a bitter, surreal rewriting of ‘Down Under’ for our times. In the final section, narrative poetry is cast in an intensely new and uncanny light.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2016
y Our Lady of the Fence Post Jennifer Crone , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2016 9651639 2016 selected work poetry

'Our Lady of the Fence Post is an imaginative response to news reports of the appearance of a Marian apparition on the construction site of a memorial for victims of the Bali bombing at Coogee, Sydney, in January 2003.

'One year after 9/11, terrorists had bombed Paddy’s Irish Pub and the Sari Club in Kuta, Bali, killing 202 people, including 88 Australians. Within days of the report of the Marian apparition huge crowds started visiting the site, dubbed ‘Our Lady of the Fence Post’ by the press.

'Our Lady of the Fence Post tells the story of the ‘war on terror’, from the Bali bombing to ISIS suicide bombing in 2015, from the point of view of locals in the fictional setting of Sunshine Bay, in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2016
y A Personal History of Vision Luke Fischer , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 10716447 2017 selected work poetry

'A Personal History of Vision expands on the concerns of Fischer’s acclaimed first collection Paths of Flight and embodies what Judith Beveridge has described as his ‘seemingly effortless ability to blend visual detail and imaginative vision.’ Intertwining the personal and the historical, the modern and the primeval, culture and nature, these poems explore vision in its many senses, often with reference to the visual arts. At their heart is a search for an enlarged awareness of ourselves and the world, in which the visible and the invisible, nature and spirit find one another. At the same time these poems are awake to inadequacies and the trials of death and suffering––personal, political, and ecological. Yet, even in the darkness (the focus of the second section) they detect possibilities of transformation.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Dark Convicts Judy Johnson , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 10716488 2017 selected work poetry

'It is a little known fact that eleven African American convicts arrived in Australia on the First Fleet in 1788. Two of these ex-slaves were the author’s ancestors. In extensively researched poems, award-winning writer Judy Johnson vividly portrays scenes from her black forebears’ lives, both before transportation and afterwards, in the fledgling colony of New South Wales.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Charlie Twirl Alan Gould , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 10716536 2017 selected work poetry

'From the intrigue of his earlier poetry in fatalism and the mysteries of character, Alan Gould’s interest has moved to music. In many of the poems in this book, the folk songs or the homages to Vaughan Williams, his enquiry is one of synaesthesia: What is it we see when we hear? In meditating this the poet prefers the crisp, accessible, narrative voice to the philosophical. Here are ballads and celebrations, homages to past authors who have been his spiritual companions – Graves, Yeats, Shakespeare, and tributes to the Finnish resistance to Soviet aggression in 1939. There are some ‘equivalents’ to popular folk songs, and the volume’s title poem, a commemoration of the extraordinary George Street dancer of VJ Day 1945.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Rallying Quinn Eades , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 10716577 2017 selected work poetry

'Rallying was written alongside Quinn Eades’s first book, all the beginnings: a queer autobiography of the body, and before he began transitioning from female to male. A collection very much concerned with the body, and the ways in which we create and write under, around, without, and with children, this collection will resonate deeply with anyone who has tried to make creative work from underneath the weight of love. This is a collection of poems that are more than poems. They were written with children, under babies, around grief, amongst crumbs, on trains, with hope: with love. This is a book made of steel and honey, muscle and sun, with tongues. Open its pages and you will find more than poetry. You will find moments in time strung across by text, a poetics of the space between bodies, the way that language makes us separate and simultaneously whole.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Snake Like Charms Amanda Joy , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 10716614 2017 selected work poetry

'Praise for Snake Like Charms:

'Amanda Joy’s first full-scale book Snake Like Charms was five years in the making. It’s grounded deep in reality as are the snake cultures and legends it draws from. Amanda Joy is a poet from the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia, origin of the Rainbow Serpent, the Great Spirit that represents the world’s oldest religious tradition. According to Indigenous song-cycles, a snake literally created this country. These lines from the poem ‘Your Ground’ carry their wisdom lightly “snake says / be still / stand your ground / it's the only protection we have’.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Flute of Milk Susan Fealy , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 10716651 2017 selected work poetry

'The collection is in two parts, with each one interrogating love, loss, gender and aesthetics. The poems refract these themes through personal experience, as well as through a broader cultural lens. Some of these works are direct responses to the act of reading literature. The hallmark of this collection is precision with language: these works are always present and vivid.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Preparations for Departure Nathanael O'Reilly , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 10863560 2017 selected work poetry

'The poems in this transnational, cosmopolitan collection traverse fourteen countries, from Australia, the poet’s homeland, to the United States, his place of residence, making stops in ancestral homelands Ireland and England, passing through continental Europe and the Middle East. O’Reilly’s poetry continually crosses both visible and invisible borders, excavating landscapes and the local, belonging and unbelonging, cross-cultural exchanges, expatriation, globalisation, exile, identity, youth, loss, relationships, ageing, and death. The speakers in the poems are often in motion or making preparations for departure, unwilling and unable to remain static, always eager to explore.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Communists Like Us John Falzon , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 10863597 2017 selected work poetry

'Communists like us is simple love story, a little fiction told in a hundred poems, a hundred little places to live large, fragments of a story of love in a time of struggle. But then, when isn’t it a time of struggle? And when is a story not about love? And when isn’t love a fragmented but tender dialectic of the personal as political?

'This volume celebrates and explores the possibilities of political engagement in the midst of the very simple, the very human; an attempt at a confluence of dust and desire.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Afloat in Light David Adès , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 10863638 2017 selected work poetry

'From infancy to the last breath, David Adès turns a compassionate eye on humanity. He explores ambition, failure, love and loss with “the rich poverty of language.” – MIKE LADD

'This book, richly suffused with a personal metaphysics of light and dark, is an extraordinary meditation on the intricacies of affection and intimacy, loss and grief. Its graceful and eloquent poems possess a delicacy that might be written on the skin. –PAUL HETHERINGTON

'David Adès’ luminous and honest collection, Afloat in Light, is chiefly a celebration of fatherhood and of paying attention, utilising Simone Weil’s notion that ‘attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity’. The collection extends to existence and loss, and a discourse on motive and meaning. Maps and moral compass are never far away in such explorations and like all good navigators Adès consults the moon and the stars to guide him through emotional terrain that crosses the globe via Australia, India and the United States. Poems about connection and love—familial, intimate, parental and friendship—hold their weight of history via scar tissue and heritage to allow ‘a vast and full space to fill the maps of our lives’. Afloat in Light delicately balances that most crucial aspect of life—of how the ordinary is anything but. Adès is a poet that fully harnesses the verve of small miracles. –LIBBY HART (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Hush : A Fugue Dominique Hecq , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 10863695 2017 selected work poetry

'Praise for Hush: a fugue

'Dominique Hecq writes through dulled topographies of mourning, avowing death is a “singular fear of finitude against a background of black light”. Autobiographical, and sharply particular, Hush takes readers into an abyss where “grief is a caesura” and loss means “being hostage to a ghost”. But this book is not only a poignant elegy to “losing your mother tongue and cracking your own voice”; Hush is also an incandescent lament from an “un / harmed” speaker locating the possibilities and lexicons of dénouement. Silencing the undertones of a surpassing grief, Hecq’s quest is finally epic and heroic.' –DAN DISNEY

'“Life goes on, they say,” says Dominique Hecq in her startling and moving new book of lined and prose poetry, Hush. Then, “Life goes on leaving.” A response to the death of a child, charting the near death and revival of a marriage and family, Hush is the lyric meditation of a true scholar, deeply inflected by theory but driven by the urgencies of the body. Early and late, it poses unanswerable questions—“Why is white white?”—and answers them by returning to the world of “Chalk, rice, zinc / / Crystal falls / / ” and, devastatingly, “Limestone graves,” before the language of the world disintegrates. Seeming at first to span a year of seasons, then suddenly encompassing fifteen years, the poem charts a remarkable inner journey, which begins in starvation, a refusal of the sensuous, but finally recollects not joy so much as presence. The world reemerges in water, birds, flowers, and most of all food, prepared at first as sacrifice, for others, until it makes itself present—first through color but also through smell, through sound, and literally through ink—and becomes the poet’s communion.' –KATHARINE COLES

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Chromatic Paul Munden , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 11572003 2017 selected work poetry

'‘Munden’s vivid, well realised poems range across hemispheres and centuries, embracing music, art, film, historical events, and the potent catalysts of love, illness and death. In these pages our human frailties are apprehended with both a clear eye and a tender attentiveness.’ - Judy Johnson

'‘In Chromatic, Munden’s superb use of contrapuntal texture and accumulating melodies announce a fractured and injured reality, set against the visceral burn of passion. The rich musicality of these poems speaks eloquently of beauty and love, both physical and divine. The darker harmonies are often brilliantly jittery in their interwoven and compulsive juxtapositions, accentuating the poems’ silences and apertures. In Chromatic, Munden unlocks the musical performance inside his poems, and the result is transportive and rapturous.’ - Çassandra Atherton

'‘In this complex and intricately constructed volume, lyric poems address sometimes difficult, sometimes bewildering aspects of human existence head on, and in surprising and scintillating ways. Paul Munden tantalises and beguiles us with rich evocations of the mysterious and the opaque, reminding us of the strangeness of life and the mystery at the core of what we know.’ - Paul Hetherington' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y The Tiny Museums Carolyn Abbs , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 11947023 2017 selected work poetry

'Praise for The Tiny Museums

'This richly imagined and sensuous collection understands human longing. It vividly conjures childhood, and presents adulthood as a series of sometimes haunted negotiations between past and present. A number of poems also conjure dynamic visions of works of art. For Carolyn Abbs, apprehending the world is often a matter of seeing and touching what she knows. She addresses deep issues through making complex linguistic textures and evoking intimate poetic registers. PAUL HETHERINGTON

'Carolyn Abbs deftly creates the world of her book through a phenomenological approach. Elegant layers of textures, colours, sounds and movement invite the reader into numerous exchanges between the past and the present. In this way, her sensibility is painterly but it’s a Northern light in her poems reminiscent of the crisp mysteries of a Vermeer painting. Abbs’s poems dealing with family grief are centrepieces of the book and admirable in their ability to move the reader without overt sentimentality. Along with a skilled attentiveness to the ways in which sound moves through a line, this beautifully modulated emotional intelligence is a very great strength of her poetry. Via The Tiny Museums she bestows on her readers ‘a kind of overgrown underground’. LUCY DOUGAN' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y The Criminal Re-Register Ross Gibson , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 11947060 2017 selected work poetry

'Here are scrummed gangs of criminals and police, with all their lurks, quirks and argots. The underworld and its overlords: how ingenious and energetic, how ardent both sides can be. What brutes they can be too, day after day, as they track and trick each other, as they make and need each other. Ross Gibson’s poignant rewriting of a found dossier of police records has some Dickens, some Dostoevsky, and some DeLillo threaded through it. The sharp local language of Christina Stead, Kenneth Slessor, Arthur Stace and Ruth Park resounds in here too.' (Publication summary)

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017
y Fingertip of the Tongue Sarah Rice , Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017 11947102 2017 selected work poetry

'Praise for Fingertip of the Tongue

'In Fingertip of the Tongue we find a poetry of close observation of people and everyday objects, finding in them new and deeper implications. These poems are sometimes whimsical, sometimes deeply personal, always satisfying. Sarah Rice displays a fascination with form and a great skill in finding the startlingly apt word, the evocative insight. Hers is a poetry of mind and heart. RON PRETTY' 

Crawley : UWA Publishing , 2017

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