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10 2 y separately published work icon The Rogue Trudi Canavan , ( trans. Willie van der Kuil with title De Rebel ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2016 Z1762149 2011 single work novel fantasy 'Living among the Sachakan rebels, Lorkin does his best to learn about them and their unique magic. But the Traitors are reluctant to trade their knowledge for the Healing they so desperately want, and while he assumes they fear revealing their existence to the world, there are hints they have bigger plans. Sonea searches for the rogue, knowing that Cery cannot avoid assassination forever, but the rogue's influence over the city's underworld is far greater than she feared. His only weakness is the loss of his mother, now locked away in the Lookout. In Sachaka, Dannyl has lost the respect of the Sachakan elite for letting Lorkin join the Traitors. The Ashaki's attention has shifted, instead, to the new Elyne Ambassador, a man Dannyl knows all too well. And in the University, two female novices are about to remind the Guild that sometimes their greatest enemy is found within.' Source: (Sighted 29/11/2012).
9 2 y separately published work icon The Traitor Queen Trudi Canavan , ( trans. Willie van der Kuil with title De Verrader ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2014 Z1882670 2012 single work novel fantasy 'Relieved that Lorkin is coming home, Sonea prepares to meet with the Traitors on behalf of the Guild. Then bad news arrives: the Sachakan king has imprisoned her son.

As the Sachakan king tries to force Lorkin into betraying the Traitors, Dannyl questions his friendship with Ashaki Achati. Can he trust the Sachakan? Not at all, if Tayend is right. But do Tayend's suspicions spring from good political instincts, or jealousy?

Easily evading capture by the Guild, the Rogue knows only one obstacle lies between him and his ambition to rule the underworld: Cery. Forced into hiding, protected by Lilia, Cery must wait for the Guild to find his enemy. But is Black Magician Kallen purposefully failing in his task?

And Lorkin must decide where his loyalties lie, for whatever choice he makes will require a great sacrifice.' (Publisher's blurb)
3 1 y separately published work icon A Blight of Mages Karen Miller , ( trans. Selma Soester with title De vloek van de magiër ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2012 Z1775585 2011 single work novel fantasy 'Barl Linden is one of the greatest mages Dorana has seen, but she is still socially inferior to those she works with. In fighting for the right to be treated as an equal, Barl comes to the attention of the all-powerful Council of Mages.

'Morgan Danfey is the youngest mage ever to be appointed to the Council. Proud and talented, he senses that some terrible, unknown danger looms ahead for Dorana ... problem is, he can′t prove it.

'When Barl and Morgan cross paths the sparks fly, and a chain of events is set in motion that will changes their lives -- and the fate of nations -- forever.' (From the publisher's website.)
7 2 y separately published work icon The Ambassador's Mission Trudi Canavan , ( trans. Willie van der Kuil with title De Afgezant ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2012 Z1709426 2010 single work novel fantasy 'Sonea, former street urchin, now a Black Magician of Kyralia, is horrified when her son, Lorkin, volunteers to assist Dannyl in his new role as Guild Ambassador to Sachaka, a land ruled by cruel black magicians. When Lorkin goes missing Sonea is desperate to find him, but if she leaves the city she will be exiled forever.' (Trove record)
4 2 y separately published work icon Tyrant's Blood Fiona McIntosh , ( trans. Peter Cuijpers with title Het Bloed Van de Tiran ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2012 Z1626564 2009 single work novel fantasy

'The Denova Empire is flourishing under Loethar's rule, to the surprise of many. Peace, prosperity and pride has swept across the realms as Loethar urges the invading people of the Steppes to integrate with the west. The harmony is his great achievement but Loethar is bored. So is Leo, the self proclaimed true king, living in seclusion in the forests. Now 22, he is eager to stake his claim and return the Valisar dynasty to the throne.

Freath, meanwhile continues his double life, secretly loyal to Valisar but working as sage counsel to the Empire. When he learns that the lost invalid heir, Piven, is alive he sets a plan in motion to find and reunite the brothers in safety.

But a new evil is stirring that none could have foreseen and only one person knows that the legendary Valisar Enchantment is rising. Soon the wars and destruction that formed an empire will seem a squabble by comparison to the darkness that is threatening.' (From the publisher's website.)

3 6 y separately published work icon Seer of Sevenwaters Juliet Marillier , ( trans. Maren Mostert with title Ziener Van de Zeven Wateren ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2011 Z1749795 2010 single work novel fantasy

'Sibeal has always known that she is destined for a spiritual life, and is committed to it with all her heart. The only thing left for her to do before she enters the nemetons is to spend the summer visiting her sisters, Muirrin and Clodagh, on the northern island of Inis Eala.

'But Sibeal has barely set foot on the island before a freak storm out at sea sinks a ship before her eyes. In spite of frantic efforts, only three survivors are fished alive from the water, and one of them, a man Sibeal names Ardal, clings to life by the merest thread.

'Life continues on the island, as it must, and Sibeal befriends Ardal as he begins to regain his health. But it becomes clear there is something unusual about the three shipwrecked strangers. Why won't the beautiful Svala speak? And what is it that the gravely ill Ardal can't remember - or won't tell? When a visiting warrior is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, and an attempt is made on Ardal's life, Sibeal finds herself a pawn in a deadly game. The truth will be far more astonishing than she could ever have believed - and the consequences for Sibeal unimaginable.' (From the publisher's website.)

4 2 y separately published work icon King's Wrath Fiona McIntosh , ( trans. Peter Cuijpers with title De Razernij Van Een Koning ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2011 Z1734917 2010 single work novel fantasy

'Alliances shift as decades-old secrets can no longer be hidden. The revelation that Emperor Loethar and his enemy, King Leonel, share the same paternal royal blood destroys previous loyalties. And it seems that Piven is no longer the helpless orphan everyone believed him to be. Perhaps most startling of all is the discovery that the first Valisar princess to survive in centuries is returning to the world and may well wield the famed Valisar Enchantment.

As the empire threatens to tear itself to pieces, former enemies must now work on the same side and friends become the hunted to protect the imperial line.

At all costs royal blood must prevail ... even when it pitches Valisar against Valisar.' (From the publisher's website.)

4 2 y separately published work icon The Reluctant Mage Karen Miller , ( trans. Selma Soester with title Magiër Tegen Wil En Dank ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2011 Z1704008 2010 single work novel fantasy

'The sorcerer has awoken and blights the land ... while the innocent mage hovers between life and death.

Rafel′s expedition over the mountains to Lost Dorana has disappeared. Now Deenie is having disturbing dreams of her brother and determines to seek the truth. In the company of her best friend she finds a way beyond Lur, only to find that the evil sorcerer, Morg, still holds those lands in a tenuous but strengthening grip.' (From the publisher's website.)

3 4 y separately published work icon Heart's Blood Juliet Marillier , ( trans. Willie van der Kuil with title Hartenbloed ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2010 Z1649476 2009 single work novel fantasy

'Caitrin, daughter of Berach, flees her home in Market Cross, running from her grief and mistreatment at the hands of her kinsfolk. Bruised and alone she arrives at Whistling Tor - a formidable fortification presided over by the local chieftain, Anluan. The villagers scorn and curse him for being a weak and unsupportive leader, unresponsive to their pleas for him to rid the surrounding forest of the ghostly and eerie manifestations that have plagued it for generations.

But desperate for work and shelter, Caitrin ignores their warnings, thinking them nothing more than fanciful tales and seeks refuge at the Tor. Here she encounters giant hounds, malevolent whispering in the night and the rare and precious herb, Heart's Blood; not to mention the moody and cursed Anluan.

As Caitrin slowly begins to regain control of her life, she discovers that not everything is as it seems in this mysterious place. What does Anluan's skewed features and anger hide? Who are the men and women of the Host? What might the ancient manuscripts and family documents in the library reveal? And why does Caitrin get the distinct impression that there is a dark and powerful force on the hill that doesn't want her to find the truth?' Source: (Sighted 17/03/2010).

4 2 y separately published work icon The Prodigal Mage Karen Miller , ( trans. Selma Soester with title De Uitverkoren Magiër ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2010 Z1645853 2009 single work novel fantasy

'Years ago, at the cost of many lives, 
Asher defeated the dark sorcerer, Morg, 
and brought peace to Lur ...

But now, happily raising a family, Asher realises that peace and safety are an illusion. Something has woken in Lur′s earth, creating weather that threatens to tear their world apart. Asher thinks he can save Lur by wielding the dangerous magic that he loathes ... and which may take his life.

Rafel, Asher′s son, is a mage of great power, but he has to break free of his father to truly discover his talents. All previous expeditions over the forbidden mountains have met with disaster and death, but Rafel is determined to try. As father and son struggle to understand each other, elsewhere a great evil is brewing ...' (Publisher's blurb)

4 2 y separately published work icon Hammer of God Karen Miller , ( trans. Selma Soester with title De Hamer Gods ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2010 Z1494567 2008 single work novel fantasy 'With Zandakar's dangerous identity revealed, Rhian finds herself upon a precarious throne. The nations she needs to stand with her against Mijak instead join forces to challenge her right to rule. Only the mysterious Emperor Han is willing to believe she can lead them to victory; only he and his witch-men truly understand the scope of the disaster waiting to engulf the world. But with Zandakar imprisoned and Dexterity in disgrace, estranged from her husband Alasdair, and frighteningly alone, how can Rhian hope to prevail and save Ethrea? What chance does she stand of saving the world? The answers seem to lie with Emperor Han ... but is he what he pretends to be? Only time will tell. And as she struggles to keep her crown, the warhost of Mijak advances ...' (Publisher's blurb)
4 y separately published work icon Last of the Wilds Trudi Canavan , ( trans. Rien van der Kraan with title Magiër ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2010 Z1267487 2006 single work novel fantasy

'The Circlians have secured victory over the Pentadrian army, but Auraya′s sleep remains filled with nightmares of war. And the one person she once loved and trusted, Leiard, has disappeared.

When a sickness sweeps through the tribes of the Siyee, the White send Auraya to help them. It is there that she begins to learn the truth about Leiard ... And far to the south, the Pentadrians lick their wounds and set about finding a new leader.

Their faith unshaken, they are still resolved to convert the heathens of the north. In the aftermath of war, the Priestess is forced to make a terrible choice - the consequences of which could change the world forever.' (Source: Publisher's blurb)

4 5 y separately published work icon Royal Exile Fiona McIntosh , ( trans. Peter Cuijpers with title De Koninklijke Banneling ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2009 Z1515967 2008 single work novel fantasy

'Led by Loethar, an ambitious and ruthless tyrant, a terrifying army of mercenaries and renegades from the great southern steppes threaten to overwhelm the Kingdom of Penraven, having already overthrown its two neighbouring realms, leaving a trail of devastation and broken lives in their wake.

'Penraven is Loethar's most desired prize, not only because of its wealth, safe harbour, extensive coastline, and abundant natural resources. This time the tyrant wants more than a crown. Driven by dreams of empire, fuelled by his increasing obsession with magic, Loethar's plan to overthrow King Brennus of Penraven, 9th of the Valisars, was cemented the hour upon when he learned that Brennus possessed the power of coercion.

'All of the Valisar heirs have been blessed down the ages with the sinister ability to bend people entirely to their will and Loethar is convinced that if he consumes these empowered people he will then be imbued with their skills and magics... and be unstoppable.' (Publisher's blurb)

6 3 y separately published work icon Priestess of the White Trudi Canavan , ( trans. Rien van der Kraan with title Priester ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2009 Z1833069 2005 single work novel fantasy 'Auraya is chosen as the fifth Priestess of the White, a representative of the gods in the mortal world. Raised in a small village, Auraya's opinions often conflict with those of her fellow Circlians, but she is powerfully gifted, and has a talent for negotiation that could help to unite Northern Ithania. In an ancient lighthouse lives a sorceress, hidden since the rise of the Circlians. All other immortals are dead or missing since the Circle sent the first White to kill them. When a priest comes to the tiny village nearby, the sorceress is forced to flee, but events conspire to place her in trouble's path. Isolated within their mountainous terrain, the winged Siyee struggle to survive. Small and fragile, they are helpless against the "landwalker" settlers taking their land. Auraya is sent to help them and also to enlist their aid.' (Source: LibrariesAustralia)
6 9 y separately published work icon Battleaxe Sara Douglass , ( trans. Gerard Van Buuren with title De reisgenoten van Achar ) Amsterdam : Luitingh Fantasy , 2005 Z160666 1995 single work novel fantasy A thousand years ago the Acharites drove the Forbidden from their land. Now strange sightings along Achar's northern border foreshadow their return. The barbaric tribes of the Ravensbund are pouring south with tales of fearsome beings who feed on the terror of their prey. Axis, bastard son of the dead Princess Rivkah, is sent to the battlefront of Gorkenfort with his elite Axe-Wielders. Once there, he must hand over command to his hated half-brother, Borneheld. But travelling north, Axis falls in love with Faraday - Borneheld's bethrothed, and meets two priests who challenge the very essence of his beliefs. The Sentinels walk the land, the TreeFriend has been found, and the people of the Plough, the Wing and the Horn must set aside their differences and unite under one leader against the evil rising in the North.... (Publisher's website)