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This search returns results from the body of texts digitised by AustLit as part of its ongoing digitisation program.

AustLit also records details of and links to other full text resources available from a wide variety of repositories and internet sites such as SETIS, Project Gutenberg and PANDORA. These works are identified by the symbol . This material is not interrogated by the AustLit full text search.



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AustLit Anthology of CriticismThis collection includes authoritative articles by leading scholars on major Australian writers and their works designed to support senior secondary and undergraduate students in their critical study and exploration of Australian writers and their texts.
Children's Literature ResourcesThis collection includes documents digitised as part of the Children's Literature Digital Resources (CLDR) project. They include works of Australian children's literature and critical articles about Australian children's literature.
CriticismThis collection includes important critical articles, reviews and surveys by Australian literature scholars relating to important Australian authors, their works and other general literary subjects.
Primary Fiction and Poetry TextsThis collection includes works from the early nineteenth century to the 1930s.

Note: Works may belong to more than one collection. For instance, a critical essay about a work of children's fiction may belong to both the Children's Literature Resources and Criticism collections.