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Literature Board Supports Sixty-Two Grant Applications

The Literature Board of the Australia Council has announced the recipients of the September round of New Work Grants and Fellowships. The board received over 400 applications and its budget 'extended to supporting 62 applications to a total of $1,995,000'.

Recipients of New Work Grants include poets Brook Emery, Kathryn Lomer and John Mateer; fiction writers Gregory Day, Dominic Smith and Chris Womersley; and non-fiction writers Peter Robb, Fiona Capp and Leah Kaminsky.

The once-in-a-lifetime Fellowship was awarded to picture book illustrator Ron Brooks. Brooks is the artist responsible for dozens of picture books including the award-winning The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek, John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat and Fox. The judges declared that Brooks's work 'has changed the possibilities for book illustration in Australia'.

To view the judges' report, click here; to see the full list of recipients, follow the links from the Australia Council homepage to 'Grants & Initiatives'.