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Eleven More Writers Added to Circular Quay Walk

Eleven Australian writers have been added to the Writers' Walk at Circular Quay, Sydney. New South Wales Minister for the Arts George Souris officially unveiled the latest plaques on 24 October. Mr Souris said he was delighted to see the names of these eleven writers 'permanently etched into Circular Quay for locals and visitors alike to see for many years to come'.

The Walk's brass plaques, now numbering sixty in all, stretch from the Opera House forecourt to the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Among the latest additions are Marcus Clarke, P. L. Travers, Patricia Wrightson and Colleen McCullough. Each plaque bears the author's name, writing highlights and a short quote from their work. Writers already represented range from Henry Lawson, Kenneth Slessor and Clive James to international visitors such as Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain and Robert Louis Stevenson. Stevenson's quote reads: '... there is material for a dozen buccaneering stories to be picked up in the hotels at Circular Quay'.

Full details of the newly-added authors are available via the Arts NSW website by clicking here to view the minister's media release.

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