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Jesse Blackadder off to the Antarctic

Jesse Blackadder had received the 2011 Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship, enabling her to further her research into the life of Ingrid Christensen, the first woman to see Antarctica. Blackadder is working on an historical novel about Christensen as part of her Doctor of Creative Arts project at the University of Western Sydney.

The Antarctic Arts Fellowship is offered annually 'to those with a non-science focus to experience Antarctica first-hand so that they may communicate this unique experience and understanding to other Australians.' Previous recipients include Hazel Edwards (who later published Antarctic Dad and Antarctic Close-Up), Anthony Eaton (who wrote the YA award-winner Into White Silence), and Tom Griffiths (who produced the prize-winning Slicing the Silence: Voyaging to Antarctica).

Further details of Blackadder's research are available in the 14 October 2011 Australian Antarctic Division media release.

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