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'Island' Magazine Funding Rescue

The Literature Board of the Australia Council has announced a one-off grant of $60,000 for Tasmania's Island magazine. The announcement follows the August 2011 decision by Arts Tasmania to cut Island's funding for 2012. (See AustLit's blog entry 'Island Magazine Faces Funding Cut'.)

Chair of the Literature Board, Professor Dennis Haskell said: 'Island has a distinctive character presenting a Tasmanian perspective on Australian issues and Australian writing, and highlighting eco-criticism and environmental creative writing ... The Literature Board does not want to see this important magazine slip from view.'

Under the funding agreement, Island will explore new business models and investigate the opportunities offered by digital production.

Island’s Chair, Norman Reaburn, welcomed the Board's announcement and the hope it offers for Island's future: ''The success of Tasmania as a place, a community and an economy depends on the creativity of its people and on capturing the imagination of the world. Island plays an important part in this endeavour.' (Australia Council Literature Board media release, 6 October 2011)

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