Teaching with AustLit

  • For School Teachers

    AustLit is a great resource for school teachers. It provides information on the authors and texts you might be teaching or incorporating in your lesson plans. By drawing on resources from specialised areas of research within AustLit, AustLit can help teachers address the three primary cross-curriculum objectives of the National Curriculum. It is a great professional development tool for teachers with an interest in Australian culture.

  • For the primary-school teacher

    If you're teaching at a primary school, AustLit contains a number of research datasets specifically about children's literature, including:

    • Asian Australian Children's Literature and Publishing (AACLAP): a dataset that investigates and records details of Australian children’s literature that is set in Asia, contains Asian-Australian content or characters, or represents Asian-Australian cultures and experiences, as well as hundreds of Australian works that have been translated into at least one Asian language.
    • Children's Literature: a general starting place from which to explore AustLit's rich records on children's literature.
    • Reading in the Victorian Classroom: a specialised dataset that provides information on the Victorian Readers, a series of school readers produced between 1927 and 1930 for school children in Victoria and used (with revisions) until the 1950s.

    Other datasets also include information on works for children, such as the Children's Literature section of the World War I project.

    These datasets are designed to make it easier to engage with specific aspects of children's literature on the database, but you can equally roam at will throughout the main database. From the advanced search page, you can find records for:

    • more than 300 films aimed at children and young adults.

    And more works are added to the database on a daily basis.

  • For the high-school teacher

    If you're teaching Australian literature at a high school, AustLit is an excellent source of biographical and (particularly) bibliographical information on the Australian texts included in high-school syllabi.

    From anyone of our work records, you can find

    • accurate bibliographical information.
    • lists of secondary resources.
    • links to library holdings.
    • information on the work's subjects and setting.

    The advanced search page gives you even more control over your access to the database's contents. Using our advanced search function, you can perform targeted searches, searching for authors by gender, birth date, or cultural heritage, and searching for works by genre, publication date, or language.

    AustLit, in short, allows you to map your route through the vast, amorphous landscape of Australian writing.

    As well as the main database, AustLit also groups records into specialised datasets, allowing targeted searching of certain categories. Some of the research datasets that are of particular use to high-school teaching include:

    • BlackWords, our collection of works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers.

    You can also use the advanced search page to set up specific searches across the breadth of AustLit's content.

    For example, did you know that AustLit has

    • in fact, over 4400 works, of all sorts, labelled 'young adult'?
  • What else can AustLit offer you?

    • Explore the AustLit Research pages for some great research-based encounters with Australian literary and storytelling activities.
    • Discover the rich resources available through our partnership with Copyright Agency's Reading Australia project.
    • Search for any author or text, or more complex combination enquiries, and find out more!