Teaching with AustLit

  • Using AustLit as a Teaching Resource

    AustLit is a primary resource for teachers and students of Australian literary and narrative cultures.

    AustLit provides up-to-date information on the publication of Australian literature and related critical texts. It can be a significant professional development tool for teachers engaged in this area.

    All teachers, whether at primary or secondary schools or university, can use AustLit in teaching Australian literary texts.

    Students can use AustLit to find out about authors whose work they are reading, and to explore the many different ways Australians tell, retell, and think about stories.

    The links at both the left and right of this page provide access to useful resources, publications, and information.

  • Research Projects. Information Trails, Exhibitions

    Explore AustLit's Research Projects, Full Text Collections, and the growing range of Information Trails and Exhibitions to find useful content for teaching Australian texts.

    From Speculative Fictions to Banned Books, through Film and Television resources, Children's Literature, and Indigenous and Multicultural writers, AustLit is a deep well of knowledge about the ways Australians have told and thought about stories since the beginning.

  • The Teaching Aust. Lit. Project

    The AustLit supported project Teaching Aust. Lit. (TAL) collects information about the teaching of Australian literary texts and the contexts in which they are taught at universities and tertiary institutions around Australia and internationally.

    This data is stored in the AustLit database and is linked to from the work and author records.

    TAL is useful for discovering:

    – how, where, and in what context, a particular text is taught

    – what degree or course the text is a part of

    – which Australian texts are taught with non-Australian texts in thematically driven courses, such as nineteenth century women's writing, popular fictions, eco-criticism, etc.


    The Teaching Aust. Lit. Project arose from an ALTC-(now OLT) funded project (2008-2009) to explore the state of Australian literature teaching at universities around Australia. A survey of teaching practice, student experience, and contextual information was undertaken and the Teaching Australian Literature Survey report was published.

    The TAL project is intended to be a long term data gathering exercise to allow us to see the shifts and changes in teaching over time.

    Please help by letting us know about the Australian texts you teach or have been taught at university.