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  • There are thousands of full text works available through AustLit including:





  • The AustLit Full Text Collection comprises the following collections. They can be identified by the AustLit Full Text Austlitfulltext symbol appearing on the work records. Texts are fully searchable, and can be downloaded for research purposes.

    AustLit full texts can be viewed on the AustLit site, or downloaded as either PDF, plain text, or ePub format. An ePub reader is needed to read ePub format.

  • Australian Fiction and Poetry

  • More than 200 works of Australian fiction and poetry have been digitised with the support of the University of Sydney's Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS) program program. These works range from the early nineteenth century to the 1930s. Texts were selected on the basis of academic and teaching staff surveys and advice. More works will be added to this collection as they become available.

    See the full collection of full text Australian fiction and poetry.

  • Children's Literature

  • This collection in AustLit contains a selection of primary and secondary resources that have been digitised by AustLit, through cooperation with various Australian libraries, as part of the Children's Literature Digital Resources (CLDR) project, led by Queensland University of Technology.

    See the full list of texts in the CLDR project.

    Or discover 800 Children's literature works in full text here.

  • The AustLit Anthology of Criticism & Other Criticism

  • The AustLit Anthology of Criticism provides access to authoritative articles by leading scholars on major Australian writers and their works.

    Over 300 additional important articles, reviews, and surveys have been digitised or published by AustLit. Access the full list of critical articles here. Use the filters on the left hand side to explore the list.

  • Early Australian Speculative Fiction

  • Doctor Nikola by Guy Boothby in full text

    A collection of early Australian science fiction texts. Ranging from an Account of an Expedition to the Interior of New Holland (1837), a politico-philosophical romance set in an ideal society, to A Voice from Australia Or, an Inquiry into the Probability of New Holland Being Connected with the Prophecies Relating to New Jerusalem and the Spiritual Temple (1851), this collection comprises some 300 items, including a wide range of early 20th century novels.

    Explore the complete list.

  • Full Text on Other Sites

    When possible, AustLit provides pathways to full text works hosted on other services. Works hosted on other sites or services can be identified by the symbol, and are sourced from a range of sites and services, including:

    AustLit also links directly to the Informit suite of databases relating to Australian culture. If you are searching AustLit from inside an organisation that subscribes to both AustLit and Informit direct access from AustLit records is enabled.